Case study
Si Senor Tacos & Tequila Bar
Mexican Restaurant
Once upon a time, Si Senor was a big chain of Mexican Restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio.

Later, each location was individually sold.
And in 2019, Magana's family become owners of Si Senor in Westlake.

Taking over a location with 10 years of history became one of the biggest challenges for current management.

Another challenge was to differentiate from other Si Senor locations because in the customers' minds it still was a chain.

After one successful year, the restaurant faced THE 2020 lockdown.

As soon as its doors were open again, they've reached us and we've begun our journey of successful recovery!

Sales Growth
This location was slowly getting back to sales they used to have prior to the lockdown of 2020. The goal was to double this amount!
Analyze Market and Competitors
Analyse barnd's positioning on the market. Define prime and indirect competitors. Analyze market trends and tendencies.
Develop Marketing Strategy
Based on market research, and our sales and marketing goals, create a strong and effective strategy with set KPIs.
Define and Segment Target Audience
Develop customer portraits for each segment with detailed characteristics.
Branding and Content Creation
Create distinguish visual content with signature branding to turn it into a strong brand recognition element.
Increase Brand Awearness and Social Media Engagement
Develop a strong promotion strategy based on the available budget.
Our actions and results
Market and Competitors Analisys
In this analysis, we:

  • audited the restaurant's current positioning, as well as Internet and Social Media presence
  • discovered market specifications and trends
  • analyzed direct and indirect competitors
  • performed SWOT analysis

As a result, we developed a solid database with market and competitors characteristics, as well as, analyzed the restaurant's current positioning
Taget Audience
Our next step was to define the target audience and develop segments for each group of customers.

As a result, we discovered 5 prime segments and created a detailed description for each that includes their behavior, interests, and other characteristics to be able to reach each group with a unique offer.
Barnd Positioning
Based on the research, SWOT analysis, and Target Audience characteristics, we formulated USP (Unique Sales Proposition) and developed a brand positioning that distinguishes this restaurant from other players on the market and attracts the right audience.

To support positioning as Tacos and Tequila Bar, we created a list with 35 Tacos and highlighted their Tequila collection of 233 bottles using a variety of contact points with the audience to anchor this association in their minds.
Marketing Strategy
To create a strong marketing strategy, we:

  • analyzed current sales and set new sales goals
  • set marketing goals, such as increasing brand awareness, grow social media audiences, increase engagement, and others.
  • to each goal were attached KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • created a promotion strategy based on the goals and available budget

As a result, we created an effective content media plan for daily posting, communication, and promotion on a variety of channels to achieve set sales and marketing goals.
Branding and Content Creation
Our goal was to create appealing visual content for Social Media and other online points of contact that will have a signature brand style and will become a strong brand recognition element using:

  • colors
  • design elements
  • editing style
  • fonts, and others

As a result, we achieved an effect when social media users can recognize the restaurant's content at any time. They know it is Si Senor Tacos & Tequila Bar in Westlake without even looking at the page name.
Instgarm Optomization
To increase Instagram page conversion, we:

  • formulated bio that grabs attention, includes the USP, and shows brand values
  • set correct links and buttons
  • created Highlights that showcase the restaurant's offers and make navigation easy for visitors
  • filled up the feed with appealing visual content that grabs attention and makes visitors stay on the page longer or become followers

As a result:

  • conversion visitors into followers grew 87%,
  • page audience gain 1000+ followers,
  • website clicks increased 79%
  • get direction clicks increased 56%
  • monthly engagement increased 87%
Social Media Managment
After all social media channels were optimized, we continued with account management:

• we post daily according to the content plan
• communicate with the audience
• manage reputational content
• manage advertising according to the strategy

As a result, our Social Media accounts stay active daily which creates a better connection between the audience and our brand, as well as grows trust and loyalty.
After the Social Media pages we prepared, we began promotion on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Google Ads

with a variety of goals, such as to:

  • grow Instgarm audience
  • increase Facebook page likes and check-ins
  • increase website traffic
  • increase brand awareness
  • increase event tickets sales
  • increase foot traffic
  • dominate dining in the local area

As a result, with a minimum advertising budget, we were able to achieve great ads conversion with an average CPC (Cost Per Click) under $0.95

Plus, by using Facebook Pixel Code we were able to collect an audience for retargeting purposes with 3500+ prospects from the local area
Our Successful Promotion Consists Of:
Appealing Visual Content
Mouth-watering pictures that grab attention right away
We run ads when potential customers are online
We create great offers that are attractive for potential visitors and profitable for restaurant
We stay in contact, answer questions, and respond to comments within minutes, not days
We run a variety of ads with individual, diverse offers and creatives for each target audience segment
We always analyse statistics and optimize ads to increase their effectiveness
Every month we analyze results and optimize our marketing strategy to achieve the best results possible!
Regina Ippolitova
Founder | CEO of Restaurants Prosperity
Within 4 months we were able to achieve:
in location's visitors number with 67% returning rate
within 4th months we've reached $100,000 in sales
in engagement on Social Media Channels
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